Artūras šlajus

Artūras Šlajus

Founder / CTO @ Tiny Lab Productions

A software developer and game enthusiast from Kaunas, Lithuania with focus on game development.

Experienced in web development (2000-2008) and game development (both server and client, 2006-now).

Launched multiplayer web strategy game “Nebula 44″​ at 2011, founded company “Invenis”​ Ltd (Tiny Lab Productions) at 2012, won national business plan contest with game concept “Crazy Farmer”​ and then got selected for GameFounders accelerator in Estonia, Tallinn (2013). After that launched multi-platform action skill game “Orborun” and published many small games for kids, most notably Fun Kid Racing which has 3.5 million downloads. Developed in-house ad mediation tool for mobile ad networks.

Currently focused on Scala & Unity3D.