Arvydas Laurinavičius

Professor at Vilnius University @

Arvydas Laurinavicius is a Professor at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine and a director of National
Center of Pathology, affiliate of Vilnius University Santaros Klinikos. He accomplished PhD program at
the Moscow Medical Academy (1992), and Fellowship in Renal Pathology at the Brigham and Women’s
Hospital/ Harvard Medical School (1997) sponsored by the International society of Nephrology.
His scientific interests are: renal pathology, digital pathology image analysis, pathology informatics, health
information systems, standards, testing of cancer biomarkers in tissue, multi-resolution analysis of
biomarkers. For over 20 years he performs kidney biopsy diagnostics for all nephrology units in Lithuania;
in recent years – Latvia and Kirgizstan. His researches focus on digital image analysis of tissue -based
biomarkers and information management aspects, exploring new opportunities of quantification and multi-
dimensional modelling disease.
Arvydas Laurinavicius professional activities cover: lecturing, pathology diagnostics, research and
scientific work.