Kęstutis Skauminas

Assoc. prof., M.D., PhD @ Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Kęstutis Skauminas – associate professor in Neurosurgery;
Kęstutis is a neurosurgeon with 25 years of practise. He specialises in brain tumor neurosurgery and
perfected his skills in Germany, France, Finland, Norway and Poland. Currently he is an associate
professor in Neurosurgery Clinics of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Kęstutis finished the
course of Life coaching in Baltic Coaching Center in Vilnius and ‘Brain Based Coaching 20’ in Helsinki and
is a certified life and wellness coacher. Also he gives lectures about the leadership in health-care
systems. Kęstutis is the head of Neurooncology Camp; Genetics Laboratory in Institute of Neurosciences
where he is also a member of the board and a Secretary. Kęstutis would be glad to share his experience
with motivated young people interested in pedagogics, science, leadership or coaching.