Lorenzo Piazzi

Co-Founder @ DesignLibrary Kaunas

Design entrepreneur, Vice President of DesignLibrary Cultural Association since February 2012. Tutor and Mentor for Italian startups. For the first thirteen years of his career was Art and Creative Director for International group of Direct and Digital Communication Agencies.

TEDx-er, and now co-founder of DesignLibrary Kaunas and DesignFriends.


Graduated in Interior Design at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design in 2001, he worked during his study period as independent web-developer. In 2001 he was employee as Junior Art Director in a private satellite TV channel run by Gruppo Sole24Ore.

In 2003 begun his official career as Art Director for the most famous Worldwide Ad Agency Groups as Wundermann Y&R, 141 Bates, Grey Direct, Ogilvy One, working closely with sime of the companies largest clientes  as Citibank, Edison, Fiat, Heineken, IBM, SKY, Unicredit, Unilever, developing multimedia experiences among (and )business stragesists.

From 2006 until 2011 Creative Director at Erremme Associati, a small communication agency specialized in creative digital strategies. In 2007 he became Partner.

In 2011 left the communication field he decided to invest on DesignLibrary, an international cultural project represented by a network of libraries entirely dedicated to Design. The headquarter is in Milan and the other two branches are  based in Istanbul and Shanghai.

At the present time he is Vice President and Legal Representer of DesignLibrary Cultural Association, represented by over 2.500 members which includes students from the main Design  and Architecture Universities of Milan, 50 top Italian design brands,  designers, architect’s studios and publishers.

DesignLibrary represents one of the most important Institution in Italy in the design field.

The role of the Association is to support all  members in developing design innovation projects, research and job opportunity, as well as connecting people, institutions and companies all over the world.

Co-founder of DesignLibrary Kaunas:

The fourth International branch of DesignLibrary Network. A virtual and physical place where architecture, design and technology are committed with the purpose to create a common value, to develop new services and products for global creative communities.

An open-source platform where to upload and share researches step-by-step. A place where to hold conferences on technological issues. A strong cultural driver for investors.