Lukas Lukosevicius

CEO @ TableAir

I believe interactive technology is the most exciting area with huge business potential. Together with other UX specialists and engineers, we design unique and unforgettable product experiences. I love my work it lets me meet new people all over the world and work together on exciting projects where I can use my knowledge for a mutual goal.

My skills include perfect understanding and execution ability of UI/UX design and management of product development cycles. The combination of these interlinked expertises lets me execute professionally and see all small details that usually are overseen by theoretical managers. I thrive when final output is my responsibility. Love the challenge of sizable projects and teams with varying skill-sets that needs to be guided.

I believe that you can always find the golden mean between customers desires and resources spent on the task. The most important thing for me is to understand what’s the goal of the project, what are the needs of the end user and execute within or above their expectations.

+11 years experience in development of interactive applications for mobile devices (iOS, Android),pc, web etc. including games, trading platforms, hardware products.