Simona Šimulytė

CEO & Founder @ European social entrepreneurship and innovative studies institute

Why follow Simona? She is serial entrepreneur, training expert and a business consultant with over 20 years of practical experience. The best part of her is not her skill set but the ability to inspire people around her. Simona’s character, combined with her expertise and Ph.D. studies based on business success factors analysis and modeling, makes her one of the most marketing savvy people in Lithuania.

Working with the leading organizations in the private, public and social sectors, Simona brings exceptional thinking to organizations and is fully committed to every customer, helping them to achieve maximum results.

Moreover, she is a mentor of a variety of start-ups. Her responsibility is to help them develop, grow and take root in the market. Her unique approach to young people and creative thinking brings astonishing exceptional results. Don’t believe us? See it for yourselves.

Simona is like a constant engine in a brainstorming process, capable of bringing together teams for common goals, motivate them and is always bursting infinite energy radiating positivity, kindness, and sincerity.

Most importantly she is the founder of VOYAGE challenge. Entrepreneurial travel VOYAGE is absolutely unique and comprehensive business development kick-off system. It consists of training & coaching, international networking & direct business contacts, mentoring & multi-cultural inspiration, travel & sailing, leadership & team building.